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Mini Bio:

Danny Ambarita has been a Director on multiple broadcast & digital commercials for clients such as Telkomsel, Bank Mandiri, Godrej, XL, Reddoors, USAID, Smatfren and Bank BRI.

Danny began his career as a music video Director and gradually directing television series for MNCtv, Global TV, ANTV and KompasTV and SuriaTV for Media Corp Singapore for at least a decade, after which he pursue in TV commercials. As the viewers shift to OTT platforms (Streaming) Danny continue perfecting his craft directing shows for Discovery Channel, CNA and his latest show “Wok The World” for TVN which later streamed on ViU.

Throughout his journey Danny focused on comedy and drama, but now he is pursuing projects of genres in horror and thriller. “Although I’m easily frightened by ghost stories and most often my mind plays tricks on me, I always wanted to manifest what I have imagined to see how others react”.

Danny is working on a few scripts on horror and thriller in between corporate video jobs, hopefully be done by 2022.

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