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Mac Pro’s latest GPU setup

We are huge fans of the original Nvidia GTX TITAN GPU at Create Pro, as well as the updated Nvidia GTX TITAN Black card. We weren’t so big on the TITAN Z as it’s triple slot setup wasn’t ideal for the Mac Pro.With Nvidia’s latest release, however, they have won our hearts like never before.…

Apples new silicon for faster editing time

So it has officially been confirmed that Apple will be leaving Intel and switching to custom Apple CPU’s, for its future line of Mac hardware. The switch to Apple silicon chips has been labelled as “a historic day for the Mac” by Apple CEO Tim Cook. The chips are taken straight from Apple’s A12Z that…


You might think creativity would blossom during self-isolation and lockdown, more time and less outside stimulus can mean greater introspection and time spent with your craft. However, one creative industry that has ground to a standstill during the recent weeks’ events in the film industry. Around 20% of the world population is currently under total…

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