Directing and producing television programs is my forte. Not many directors cross industries like I do. But I have many recommendations in creating program series both national and abroad. For instants my recent TV project was for CJ Entertainment to direct a program for TVN a Korean network with HJ Production as the production house. The show traveled across Asia with a 5 star Micheline Chef Alvin Leong as the host with Kpop stars as the guests. This show is called “Wok The World”

My Television portfolio services are:
1. Directing and or Producing TV Shows
2. Cooking shows (TVN & Asian Food Channel)
3. Reality Shows (MNCtv, Global TV & Discovery Turbo Channel)
4. Variety Shows (Trans7, Global TV, SuryaTV, Astro)
5. Drama Mini Series (History Channel A&E Network)
6. Comedy Mini Series (ANTV, GlobalTV)
7. Sports Live Events (ESPN, OneTV)
8. Short stories (CNA Channel News Asia, KompasTV, Discovery Channel)